Can I Use My Credit card to Buy Stuff In Palestine

tips-for-paying-off-credit-card-debtCan I use my credit card to buy stuff in Palestine? As in many of Western countries you don’t have to carry money in your pocket, instead you can keep an ATM or credit card that makes your shopping easier. When you go to shop at the supermarket you don’t have to worry about how much money you have since you have a card that can help you to buy what you need or even lend you money when you are running short on funds.

Palestinians don’t yet use cards to buy stuff daily, cards are only used to withdraw money from ATM machines. Nonetheless, there are some shopping places in Palestine which accept cards as a way of payment but it is not a common practice. On the other hand, many Palestinian banks such as the Bank of Palestine issues different type of payment cards.

How can I cover my expenses during my time in Palestine?

Most stores do not accept credit cards. The best way to cover your daily expenses is to use an ATM card as it is shown above; otherwise, have enough cash on you for your entire trip. ATM’s are readily available in most places in Palestine.

Be aware that the Bank of Jordan, the Arab Bank, and, currently the Cairo Amman Bank, only give money in Jordanian dinars, which then must be further exchanged into NIS.

In addition, it is no problem to come to Palestine carrying American Dollars, Euros and Pound Sterling. In Palestine, there are many exchange agencies and agents where you can easily convert your money to NIS.