Arshad from Australia to Volunteer in Palestine

12366337_765824866874050_7682293367240013758_nArshad Nomani is from Australia, who came to volunteer in the Volunteer in Palestine program this December 2015. He wanted to share his motivation for coming to Palestine:

“Palestine is one of the most talked about places on the face of the earth and I was motivated to  meet Palestinian people in their own environment. I got this opportunity through interacting with teachers and students at the Excellence Centre and my host family. I am involved in the Excellence Centre’s CV skills and interview preparation program and visiting local schools. The excitement and the utmost positive environment surrounding the Excellent Centre and my host family is beyond my expectations, dispelling any sense of caution due to the current situation surrounding this region.

I am looking forward to put forth my best efforts for the enhancement of my students’ CV writing and job interview skills. The Australian program I am introducing, has a demonstrated success record. The feedback from the local university and vocational students will be an asset for me in my future endeavours. The whole experience of getting to Palestine and developing a one to one relationship with people is something, I shall cherish for the rest of my life. I found Hebron to be a very lively and welcoming city despite all adversity.”IMG_7488 12368996_765824646874072_3140088224908857611_n















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