Arabic Lessons in Palestine

Here at the Excellence Centre in Hebron we provide Arabic lessons to our volunteers who signed up to our Teach English and Learn Arabic programme in Palestine. The programme can last anything from 1 week to 3 months, and gives volunteers the opportunity formally learn Arabic at the same time as immersing themselves in the language in the city of Hebron. Volunteers can choose to have Arabic lessons for either 3 or 6 hours per week. The lessons are fitted around their teaching schedule. IMG_5324

David, 26, from the United Kingdom is currently one month into a two-month programme. ‘The reason I wanted to learn Arabic was the same reason I came to volunteer in Palestine – to gain a greater understanding of the Middle East’, he says. ‘The programme is a great opportunity to get personal, one-on-one language lessons. This would be very difficult and expensive in the UK – and it may not be taught by a local!’IMG_5228

Francesca, 19, from Italy, has been volunteering and learning at the Excellence Centre for two months. ‘I wanted to learn Arabic because of my interest in the region in general. I already speak 4 languages and I would love to add Arabic to that. In September I will begin my degree in International Relations, so the more languages I know, the better.’ IMG_5206

Damir, 26, from the United States, says ‘I study the history of the Arabic world back home at university, so I will need a greater understanding of the language to move on to further study in the future. This programme is a great first step on the way to fluency’. IMG_5186

‘Because you are surrounded by Arabic speakers both in and out of the Centre, it allows your Arabic to improve quite rapidly’, says David. ‘I try to speak Arabic as often as possible, and have found that locals outside the Excellence Centre are also willing to help, too. The best way to learn any language is practice, and here in Hebron you will certainly get plenty of that’