Arabic Courses for Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH)

TIPH, Temporary International  Presence in Hebron is a diplomatic organization which is in co-operation between six countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Switzerland and Turkey. Their members live in Hebron and observe and document the human rights situation here. One of the job requirements is to possess some Arabic knowledge (as it is crucial  for the work) or to be  associated with the local Police force in their countries. Most TIPH  members have been taking Arabic courses at the Excellence Centre since March 2015, so just over a year now.IMG_4224

The excellence center provides a wide range of levels for their students. At the moment there are 8 fluent students who are taking the advanced course with private teachers and 5 intermediate students who also receive private lessons. However, 3 beginner students receive in group courses in order to make them practice amongst themselves along with a teacher. The Excellence Center believes this to be a great learning method as it encourages the students to practice and leave their comfort zones as their surrounded by students in the same level as themselves. Unlike the more advanced classes the beginners have a English speaking Arabic teacher in order to fully grasp the Arabic language. IMG_4214

All the Arabic courses are taught in a variety of methods such as games, videos, role playing, songs and is focused on dialogue. Dialogue is a crucial part for the TIPH members as their job consists on conversing with locals so the Arabic dialect of Ammiyeh is emphasized. Expressions and “slang” is a major part of their course as well. Another great part of the courses is that the student often gets to decide on what they want to be studying. This is really benefits each student differently as it often varies on what each student wants to be practicing and learning.  13321663_1543028389339470_4146009993956947190_n

Depending on their schedules each student receives 2-3 classes a week. Most students have evening courses as their jobs are standard 8-5. One of the main reasons that TIPH students prefer the Excellence Centre over other Arabic teaching centers is due to the high flexible hours of teaching. Depending on their busy schedules most students have different free hours to take Arabic lessons so choosing their hours is very practical for them. Speaking to one of the TIPH members it was confirmed that the Excellence center provides great and useful class time and the 2 hours of class are always put to great use. The service received from the Excellence Center has always been more than excellent and their expectations have always been met.IMG_4219