Aisha from California to Volunteer in Palestine

10277631_1491113544530955_9134138524348198092_nAisha arrived last week to Palestine to participate in the Volunteer in Palestine program, she would like to share her motivation to volunteer in Palestine

“My name is Aisha Subhan and I am a student at the University of California, San Diego studying Political Science. I wanted to come to Palestine to offer some of my skills to a people very important to me. As a political science major, I learn a lot about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and I think it is very important to witness as a full way of learning. I think education is the most important thing for Palestinians and I am very happy to help in this endeavor.

I do feel safe and at home here because of the Excellence center and because of my host family.  I am really looking forward to being a volunteer here and thank you so much for the opportunity”


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