A Short Conversation with Volunteers on the Best Foods of Palestine

food-in-palestineA Short Conversation with Volunteers on the Best Foods of Palestine: One of the many things Palestine is known for is its food. Palestinian food is emulated across the world but as our volunteers tell us, there is nothing like the real thing. Palestine is known for its foods such as falafel, shawarma and manakesh. We spoke with our volunteers to see which foods they have come to love during their time spent volunteering here with us at the Excellence Center in Palestine.

Our volunteers appear to have not only developed favorite foods but developed such attachments to their favorite foods that they eat them with extreme regularity. From the United States and volunteering in our “Intern and Learn Arabic” program is Ola. Ola tells us that her favorite food here in Palestine is falafel, “I eat it every day!”Food Day 1

Edward from Australia is participating in our “Teach English and Learn Arabic” Program, like Ola he also lists falafel among his most favorite foods in Palestine. However he lists Kebab as his top favorite food here, “I cannot go past kebab without eating it” he confesses.

Conner is also from the United States is participating in out “Volunteer to Write about Palestine” Program. Conner has been in Palestine for several months, he tells us that when he first arrived and for a good time after that he preferred to eat falafel and shawarma, but he over did it. “For weeks and weeks Falafel and Shawarma was all I ate so now I have to take a break from them. I wish I had explored more foods when I first arrived. But it is ok because I am getting the opportunity to do that now.” However Conner still lists the local bakeries amongst his favorite places to get food, “they have amazing bread.”food day 2

Victor from Belgium is participating in our “Teach English and Learn Arabic Program” simply states, “I am in love with them hummus.” When prompted with more questions, once again simply states, “that is all that needs to be said.”

Gabby is from the United States and also participates in out “Volunteer to Write about Palestine” Program she tells us of her favorite foods, “on my lunch break at the center, definitely shawarma but I am also so obsessed with the locally made, traditional Palestinian bread, it is amazing.” Gabby continues, “also the hummus, grape leaves and anything with chicken, I could go on and on, the food here is so delicious.”Food Day 4

As is apparent, if you make it here to volunteer with us at the Excellence Center in Palestine you will undoubtedly be exposed to the amazing local and traditional Palestinian foods that are known round the world.

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