Coming from Canada to Volunteer in Palestine

joseComing from Canada to Volunteer in Palestine

Jose Cortez, a new volunteer in the volunteer in Palestine program at the Excellence Center who is from Canada and arrived yesterday to the center talked about his motivation coming to Palestine.

“I first heard of the Excellence center in Hebron when I was searching for a volunteer opportunity abroad. I have always been interested in Palestine and its cultural history. Palestine is an important special place for me, not only because of its religious significance for me as an Orthodox Christian but also because my great grandfather emigrated from Palestine to Nicaragua in the 19th century. I want to give back and help contribute to others in Palestine by offering my existing knowledge and skills. I also want to experience a different culture other than my own. Palestinian culture and people are very vibrant and amazing which is a reason why I would like to experience it firsthand in Hebron.

I wanted to take this volunteer opportunity to see life in the West Bank and experience the culture and its people despite the conflict and occupation. I hope by the end of this program I will have emerged with a better understanding of Palestine. I hope to add unique experiences to my own life experiences. Through the volunteer program, I hope to have helped others improve their English language skills. I hope to get a better understanding of the conflict and its effects on daily life. I also hope to see and experience the proper culture and people. I know this program will help me achieve my future goals in life by adding many unforgettable experiences. By the end of this program I hope one day to return to Palestine again”. Jose Luis Cortez from Canada 

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