60 Minutes of English to Engage Local Palestinain Students

60 mintuesLast week, the Excellence Center organized an English speaking engagement called 60 minutes for local students. The activity was held in Anas-ebn Malek, Hebron for 20 students in the 5th grade and led by international volunteers Sara from the UK, Shawn from the UK, Jan from Belgium, and local teacher Alaa. During the activity topics such as sports, weather, clothing were presented to students in order to create an English environment with internationals and provide the opportunity to speak English.

The Excellence Center organizes activities like this free of charge for students as part of their commitment and social responsibility to the community. This is a great opportunity for the international volunteers as well because they are able to experience different aspects of Palestinian society in the primary schools. They can engage and interact with the young students in a meaningful way. Volunteer Jan from Belgium  recounted the experience as being very lovely. “It was nice to teach 5th graders for a change. They were very enthusiastic and excited. I really enjoyed it.”60 mintues 3

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