Yonatan from Denmark to Learn Arabic in Palestine

IMG_8971Yonatan is from Denmark; he has engaged in Arabic lessons at The Excellence Center. The first time was in summer 2015, the second over the summer of this year. He is due to start a masters degree in September in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies, and he embarked on two sessions of intensive Arabic courses at The Excellence Center to prepare him for his postgraduate studies.

During his time at the center, he had private tutoring from Hayfa. He has commented that these private sessions focused on learning Arabic in the local dialect, a practice he would recommend for anyone. They helped him to specialise his studies in Arabic and to communicate with the local people, as well as Syrians, Lebanese and Jordanians. As a result, he can speak with people from Damascus and Beirut.

He has said that having private tutoring sessions has benefitted him because he has received skilled tuition in which his lessons are tailored to his needs. He has been able to learn independently, and has received more concentrated attention, helping him to hone and truly improve his skills in Arabic. He has enjoyed learning with his teacher, who he feels has given him useful lessons in advanced Arabic that will stay with him for life.