60 Minutes of English in Local Schools in Hebron

Last week, IMG_6887the Excellence Center held another session of ‘60 minutes’ at Rabita School. The 60 minutes program is a free English class for local students that the Excellence Center offers as part of its commitment to social responsibility. This particular class at the girl’s school was attended by around 30 students in the 8th and 9th grade and taught by International volunteers Monica from America and Jan from Belgium, both of whom are participating in the Teach English Study Arabic program.

The teachers prepared the topic of Social Media knowing it’s something the young students are very familiar with and fond of. They discussed the many different kinds of social media apps and websites, comparing and contrasting their uses and functions. They also debated the advantages and disadvantages of social media and technology. The students were all very clever,enthusiastic, and eager to speak and share their opinons and ideas. Overall, students agreed that using it can become addictive and take time away from studies, time with family, or from learning other useful skills or hobbies. But many girls also acknowledged the fact that it is a platform to tell the world about things happening in Palestine and the Occcupation. And that it connects them to others in the community and around the world.

About this session, volunteer Monica from America noted that “it is always a lovely experience to teach in other schools around Hebron – to hear the expressive voices of the young people, especially girls, in Palestine and learn about their outlooks on life. It’s also great to see that even though we come from vastly different backgrounds, we can still laugh and joke about silly things like annoying people on Facebook.”