32 Palestinian School Students Attending English Club

IMG_6808 (1)On 13 November 2015 at the Excellence Center, the second class of the English Club took place. The Center offers English Club free of charge to local students ages 15 to 17 as part of its aim to be socially responsible. The class was carried out by local coordinator Yusef, and international volunteers in the TESA program Jan from Belgium and Monica from America. For this class 32 students attended.

The topic of this class was Debates and Arguments. To start off, the teachers divided students into two groups in order to have more effective debates in smaller groups during which students could practice expressing their opinons or arguments. Teachers introduced new speaking patterns used when debating as well as new vocabulary such as “devil’s advocate.” Debate topics ranged from rich people paying more taxes, to privacy and national security, to more relatable ones such as banning cell phones in school and violent video games.

To finish off the class students and teachers relocated outside to play a game called four corners. The corners were labeled agree, strongly agree, disagree, and strongly disagree.  Teachers weould make a statement such as Women should stay at home to raise children and students would move to the corner that matched their opinion. Students could then explain what they think about it. Volunteer Jan said “it was an effective method because it was more visual and you see more clearly how many students agreed or disagreed with a statement. I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the responses given by students. They have very mature ideas and views that they can express quite well .”IMG_6806

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